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Georgia Wellness Institute

Our Medical Wellness Program

Have you ever in your adult life looked in the mirror and thought . . .

‘When did I gain all this weight?’

‘Why am I so tired all the time?’

Well, you’re not alone!

At Georgia Wellness Institute we have a comprehensive wellness program designed to help you get back to having more energy, vitality, and ultimately less pain.

DID YOU KNOW - hormonal imbalance can affect both men and women?

Our wellness program is designed for men as well as women.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feeling tired, not sleeping, losing libido or having mental fog? Hormone imbalances can have effects on those aspects of your life.

At Georgia Wellness Institute, our HRT program consists of a comprehensive evaluation, including a detailed review of your symptoms, an analysis of your hormonal levels, and ultimately a treatment plan to help you reach that peak performance again! Hormonal imbalances are also shown to be a contributor to muscle fatigue and joint pain. Hormonal balance can lead to less pain, improved health, and most importantly, a better you!

Your First Visit:
Here’s what you can expect at your first appointment -

  • 1 on 1 consult with our physician, Dr. David Webb
  • We may order some lab work to get the information we need about your hormone levels and overall health
  • Body weight check and pictures so we can compare your weekly progress
  • A thorough walk through of the treatment plan
  • You start your path to healthier and happier lifestyle

Botox and Fillers

Fine lines and wrinkles making you look less like your youthful self? Or maybe you desire fuller lips . . . either way, we have a solution for you! Dr. David Webb is skilled in the use of Botox and Fillers to help you feel more confident when you look in the mirror.

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