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Georgia Spine and Trauma Care

Georgia Spine and Trauma Care is a boutique pain-management practice that specializes in personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, or slip and fall accidents.

We provide appointments on the same day of the accident or injury. If you don’t have an attorney, we can help you find one within our large network of reputable and trustworthy local law firms.

At Georgia Spine and Trauma Care we understand that a traumatic experience, such as a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall may result in severe injuries, and the necessity to seek out medical help as soon as possible. Getting medical help quickly can help reduce the pain experienced due to the accident, so you can live pain free.

DID YOU KNOW - You should see a physician ASAP (same day if possible) following any accident or injury. Call our office now at 678-383-7246 or click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. David Webb.

Our top 5 recommendations if you have been involved in an accident as it relates to medical care:
  1. Seek emergency care immediately after accident.
  2. Call Georgia Spine and Trauma Care at 678-383-7246 to begin a treatment plan for your injuries.
  3. Do not miss any of your medical appointments.
  4. Stick with the advised treatment plan from your doctor.
  5. Keep a copy of all your notes/report.
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